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Since  1979  McDuffy-Edwards  has provided  management  consulting and  search/recruiting  services to  client firms throughout the United States and Canada.  Our associates bring years of information processing industry management experience to bear in assisting client companies in attracting and retaining the best possible personnel.
Our clients include manufacturers of data processing and other electronic equipment, as well as software developers and information technology service providers.   The majority of our recruiting assignments have been for managers and senior individual performers in the areas of: Sales, Marketing, Sales Support, and Customer Service.
McDuffy-Edwards does not advertise position openings.  One hundred percent of our candidates come to us from recruiting or referral by other candidates and clients. A nationwide network of associates has been established to assist us in serving the needs of our client firms. Over the years we have compiled a database of professionals in our field.  Through use of this database and other research, we locate and screen candidates for positions. 
Each potential candidate is screened against requirements prior to being put forward for consideration.
A professional recruiter must do much more than simply refer resumes for your review.  The recruiter must first identify qualified candidates, evaluate the candidates' capabilities and personality verses your needs and expectations, then create interest on the part of the candidate.  Only then can qualified candidates be referred.
In order to do an effective job of recruiting and screening candidates for any position, the recruiter must have a complete understanding of:
•     The requirements of the position.
•     Your organization and the reporting structure.
•     The expected compensation level and benefits. 
•     Who will interview and how long the process will take.
•     New hire performance expectations. 
While passing on all this information takes some of your time, the results will be well worth the effort.  Through effective use of professional recruiters your costs to recruit are reduced.

McDuffy-Edwards provides recruiting services only on an employer paid fee basis.   Fees, terms and recruiting requirements are negotiated individually to the meet the requirements of each situation. 

While our primary business is providing recruiting services, McDuffy-Edwards also provides training and consulting services.  Consulting assignments have included the development of sales, marketing and service delivery plans, as well as organization planning and delivery of personnel related services.

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